Friday, 10 January 2014

How to tell if you're in a file of delinquent

If you suspect that you are in a list of delinquent or you have already reported that no panic. It is fairly common and there are mechanisms to get rid of your data from these files.

The first thing is to know if you're actually in one of these lists. It may be that once you threaten to include you and you did not know anything else. This is a common among telephone companies. You put internet in your House and then give low because you have a problem.

Years or months later you discover that you are in debt because a payment was pending. There is a legal obligation to inform you before placing you on a list. But if they fail to contact you, they can also add you even if you have not received the notice.

To contact these companies, they have an obligation to find out if your data are present in your files. And if from any company you have been advised that you are in a list, they also have an obligation to tell you which specific file you are.

If you are not in any of the important files you can rest easy. But if you've had the misfortune of discovering that you're in some, you indicate the concrete steps to get out of it.
How to delete your data

If you've paid your debt, the company that you added to the file should have asked automatically that you withdraw your data from it. But sometimes something fails and there is such a request. In the case have met your payment and follow in the file, you can go to and request removal.

The company that manages the list of defaulters must accommodate your request. It will then contact the company that requested your inclusion to check the situation of debt. If the company gives the go-ahead, you be removed from the file. And if it also does not match the query from the file, this will also have an obligation to remove you from the list until the situation is clarified.

In the worst case, if the company that you keep debt insists on staying in the file, you will have to fight with her. You can go to consumption, the Spanish Agency of data protection or the courts. But the latter would be the last resource.

The moral of this story is that being on a list of defaulters is not no drama. There will come a man dressed in a tuxedo to claim your debt. It is a mechanism that is legally regulated and following the appropriate steps there a way out of it.

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